Existing public squares or parks can be enhanced with a dynamic and playful water feature. When not operating, the platform can be used for other public events.


Automatic filtration and chemical treatment system ensures cleanliness of water.

rehab of existing projects

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Fountainworld Corp. Musical Fountain DESIGNER AND INSTALLER

musical fountains

programming & maintenance

Through our extensive sources of materials and equipment, we can design an impressive musical fountain to fit your existing budget.


What makes our costs competitive? We source from the best and most competitive suppliers all over the world. We design the control system for each job so that repair and maintenance need not be an problem in the future.

Poorly maintained, obsolete and faulty systems? We can provide you a proposal to bring it to a its brand-new condition or enhance the effects and functionality.


Why let a multi-million investment go to waste? Contact us. Making it beautiful again need not be expensive.